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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My New Bike

Unfortunatelly my first love has died. And I am talking about my first & beloved Hercules bike which god knows I made so many efforts to try to make her last the hole year and not get rid of her. But finally she has drawned. No way back. Some of her parts were used in the reparation of my new Patriot companion. DonĀ“t ask why I refer to Hercules as she, but now she's resting in peace in the fahrradraum in Hafenstrasse.

The picture that you see is Patriot. My new bike. Less cute but more strong and willing to carry all my shopping from LIDL as seen on the picture. Long life Patriot!! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous CriStiNa FrOm AlaCanT said...

Hey guy! nice bike... hahahahahaha

Sorry, but my english sucks.... I hope u are having a great time over there, send me a postcard!!! ;)

5:01 AM


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