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Friday, February 17, 2006

Ulmenweg Party

29 January 2006 - Ulmenweg - Haus 42 @ Night: Great Party. 300 Hundred Beers sold, 15 liters of sangría, vodka, rum, whisky and tequila. Great Night. What many didn´t see was the set up of the party and how much fun we had carrying a 10 seat sofa in pieces from the street with a shopping cart, how we transformed a total mess into a party room and a lounge, how Mykolas connected a 15" Subwoofer we bought at MediaMarkt (and after the party we returned saying it wasn´t powerful enough) and connected it to a car battery that was suposed to be useless and we got for free in a workshop.

In the picture everyone is a little drunk, obviously since it was arround 4a.m. and we had been partying since 9p.m. But we can still be considered a professional penta-party-making team, and most important of all a great group of good friends.

From left to right: Mykola, lituanian living in canada; Alberto from Barcelona, Me (from guess where), Lorenzo from Italy and Crazy Luis. Long life to our friendship foes!! Posted by Picasa


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