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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Stealing Zapatero's Chair

Zapatero (Shumacher) or ZP (friendly name) is Spain's Prime Minister. Today I read an article about 3 guys that had made a video pretending to steal his chair from the congress. This is not real, its a set up, but if you are not one of those looking at mistakes made in movies (like me!) it looks quite real.

Here there is two picture of mistakes in the movie, found by some people that took the time to look deeply into it:

Different Chair: http://static.flickr.com/104/257253688_c41f0ca54a.jpg

Hand closing door: http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/4345/dibujoiy2.png

The message is "Stand Up Against Poverty Zapatero" (In the video they leave a note with this message in his chair at congress) asking him to join the campaign of United Nations called "Stand Up against Poverty" that proposes to all citizens to stand up together on October 16th.

This guys have definitively atracted attention. They have been on the main internet new sites, broadcasted on spanish televisions, their blog (http://levantatezp.blogspot.com) has received many visits and the post announcing the video has over 200 replies in less than 24hours.

I'm not specially revolutionary, but I like to do things in unorthodox ways or at least, unusual ones. This video might not do anything by itself, but many people now knows whats gonna happen October 16th.

What I get from this is that everyone of us is different, and there is many ways to contribute. Not everyone was born to go to live to ethiopia in a mission but definetively we all can do something. And no matter if our contribution to this world is big or small, it will always be better than passivity, conformism and apathy.


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