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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Raise our Fists?

Two weeks ago I posted about a video concerning the fake robbery of Spain's presidents chair in congress.

People didn't take long to discover that it was fake, but what they did not know until much later, is that the video was made by an advertisement company for a ONG.

It seemed to me like a nice way to make people concious about something, but i sighted when I discovered it was all a fake-fake.

Are young people like me growing too confortable and sometimes forget that we have power to change things. A good example is globalization and anti-globalization groups. Nowadays I'm totally sure that globalization is an irreversible process and trying to avoid it would be like trying to make a river run backwards. But it definitely can be handeled better.

About the challenges that making the world a better place involves I will talk another day. I want to talk about the role of people in influencing political and economical leaders decisions.

For big changes a strong voice is needed. Only few anti-globalization are heard of in the news and it's not because of their number but because of their radical acts. Making it easier for the interested one's to demonize them.

It's important to change the masses opinion, because the mass (without so much power individually) can influence together their future and the future of all of us.

First of all a good (and objective) education is needed (and we can see the diference between the US and Europe) but also the will. The unconformism. The decision to say NO even when obeying is easier in the very short term.

Maybe comunication industries could help being ethical and trying to influence masses to make the world a better place to leave, instead of showing fake-fakes only when they are paid for it.


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