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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Joost: Future's TV?

Today I've got an invite as a Joost beta-tester and right after I saw it in my email inbox I went right away to Joost site to download the program and start using it.

I must say that what I saw impressed me and I'm they it will be successful. Their creators are the same of Skype and Kazaa, two very famous programs that base their technology in P2P - just like Joost does.

I'm probably not the first person to write about this, specially since the story about Joost launch got dugg. I wanted to write this the first day I really have the chance to try it out so I'm able to read it when Joost gets to be known worldwide.

Program list is still no too big but it definitely has enough content to get started. What I loved is the instant information you can get about the TV Channels and Programs by selecting an information button next to the Channel listings.

Besides that, the program also comes with a set of Joost Gadgets like clock, chat, instant messaging with GTalk and so on. Very interesting specially for livingroom desktops since people could have a set of basic aplications without the need of exitiing Joost or minimizing the TV window.

Anyway, If someone ever reads this post (besides me & my close friends), take your time to reply to it, since I'm gonna give away Joost invites (tokens) once I get more!


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