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Friday, February 17, 2006

Ulmenweg Party

29 January 2006 - Ulmenweg - Haus 42 @ Night: Great Party. 300 Hundred Beers sold, 15 liters of sangría, vodka, rum, whisky and tequila. Great Night. What many didn´t see was the set up of the party and how much fun we had carrying a 10 seat sofa in pieces from the street with a shopping cart, how we transformed a total mess into a party room and a lounge, how Mykolas connected a 15" Subwoofer we bought at MediaMarkt (and after the party we returned saying it wasn´t powerful enough) and connected it to a car battery that was suposed to be useless and we got for free in a workshop.

In the picture everyone is a little drunk, obviously since it was arround 4a.m. and we had been partying since 9p.m. But we can still be considered a professional penta-party-making team, and most important of all a great group of good friends.

From left to right: Mykola, lituanian living in canada; Alberto from Barcelona, Me (from guess where), Lorenzo from Italy and Crazy Luis. Long life to our friendship foes!! Posted by Picasa

Fallen Angels

A couple weeks ago I was waiting for the bus in one of the main streets of my city when suddenly fell from the sky. It was quick and something you definitely don´t expect to fall from somewhere a normal working day. Its curious how this little createature was able to overwelm me and the rest of the people that were arround.

Looked like someone had shot him... People looked arround the big avenue but obviously weren´t able to see the author. Anyway, some time has passed by and I thought it was shocking enough to blog it. This picture makes me think about many unfair things in life, but you better make your own relfections. Posted by Picasa