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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Student Receips

Fried Eggs. Simple, huh? Maybe if we were talking about 99% of the people, but when it comes to student life creativity grows exponentially. This are specially cooked eggs, ready to be put into the folder and be carried all day long with your notes until whenever you decide to eat them. Since knowledge of the way of cooking them could put in danger world peace the creator, my flatmate keeps her secret very secretly, like secrets are supposed to be keeped. Some spies from Bielorussia (Belarus) have informed recently that it involves distraction caused by several ex-boyfriend´s lenghthy-inopportunate-calls in a role and the fact of having dyed your hear red the same day and feel very proud of it to be distracted enought to be successful in the process involving the creation of this secret weapon. We will keep you informed. For more info visit http://www.cia.gov/ and search for Belarus Fried Eggs. Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 16, 2005

Future Of The Union

This is the European Parlament, photo taken with my beloved CASIO EXILIM Z-57. It was not the first time I stood in front of this bulding, but certainly the feeling was totally different.

The last time I have been there was 7 years ago, when I was 13. Since I was a kid I've been told in school the advantages of being in the EU and really believed it. I could not say they lied to me, I just think back then there was still many people that relied on this project.

I cannot say I'm an euroskeptic, nothing more far from reality, I'm just eurodeceived. Once I got to vote for the EU Parliment election I started to wonder why (at least in Spain) the politicians that you can choose from are mainly people who has been important in their national parties but has had a great fiasco in a way or the other. It seemed to me that the european parlament was some kind of place to politically retire, not stress too much and get a good paycheck. I thought that, now I know.

Things got more clear when the war on Irak. And now with the discussion about the financial aid to new countries. Is the European Union really a "Union"? I would like to think it is. Taking into account the globalization process the world is in and having lived in the US for one year, I think a sincere union would be the only way to be able to defend our interests and the ones of other parts of the world (if the ethically correct principles of the EU are not only a fairytale). Can we talk about a united Europe when many members just feel proud of it's membership when they can get something from it? And when it comes to interest conflict they just look for themselves?In a project of this kind, all the countries have to make a sacrifice in some point in order to advance. But maybe I'm just being ideallistic.

The picture above looks good, but its just that, a picture. It seems to me that the only think they talk about inside it is if they should accept the printing and simoultaneous translation of all the things they say in a 23th language. Like people says in the states: "All show, no go" I really hope that I'm wrong and sometime we start really looking for each other. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My New Bike

Unfortunatelly my first love has died. And I am talking about my first & beloved Hercules bike which god knows I made so many efforts to try to make her last the hole year and not get rid of her. But finally she has drawned. No way back. Some of her parts were used in the reparation of my new Patriot companion. Don´t ask why I refer to Hercules as she, but now she's resting in peace in the fahrradraum in Hafenstrasse.

The picture that you see is Patriot. My new bike. Less cute but more strong and willing to carry all my shopping from LIDL as seen on the picture. Long life Patriot!! Posted by Picasa

In The Bunker!

This is not something many of you know but... Ulmenweg is a former German military base (lately became a US base as well) and underneath it there is bunkers! True! This picture is the evidence! Just to make justice to the picture me and Luis are dressed in army-green cloathes. If you ever go to House 3, go to the garage... And don´t forget a flashlight!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Welcome to this my blog!

Dont know what will I put in here but that is just a matter of time!